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Scheurich Orchid Plant Pot Zen Dark Red 42 cm

Art.No.: 469-47896
Orchid Plant Pot Zen – a ceramic bowl for orchids and other indoor plants designed by Scheurich

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29,95 EUR *
The Orchid Plant Pots Zen, with their exclusive shapes and wide rims, are true objects of design. When it come to colors, the classic charcoal, dark red and the elegant panna are discreet enough to allow the delicate flowering plants to standout on their own.

The Zen series is a new variant of a previously successful model designed by Scheurich and included in the design is the tried and tested “step” that securely holds the container in the pot.

  • high-gloss glaze
  • high-quality ceramic
  • cachepot without holes

For a great look combine the Orchid Plant Pot Zen with the artificial flowers Orchid Maxi or Midi.

The Orchid Plant Pot Zen beautifully compliments the number one flowering houseplant.

The manufacturer is focused on sustainable manufacturing. A portion of the company´s sales proceeds are donated to support and save the rain forest. The company is known as an  ECOPROFIT (Ecological Project For Integrated Environmental Technology) manufacturer and has received an environmental certificate based on ISO 14001.

Measures: Length 42 cm, Width 20 cm, Height 14.3 cm
Weight: 1.47 kg
Category: Orchid Bowls
Color: red
Material: Ceramics
Series: Orchid Bowl


Thanks to a multitude of innovations the German family business developed and became the market leader for indoor-pots and accessories for flowers and plants in Europe. With their Fashion for Plants collection each year two main and seasonal collections a

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Orchid Plant Pot Zen Dark Red

Orchid Plant Pot Zen Dark Red 42 cm